Steph and Seth actually gave this a pretty good effort. 

By Daniel Rapaport
August 05, 2017

Steph Curry is a man of many talents—he's arguably the best shooter in NBA history, he's a two-time World Champion and he's a damn good golfer. 

Brother Seth isn't too shabby of a player himself, but even the mighty Curry brothers are no match for giant inflatables. Particularly not when the basket the Currys are shooting on is literally spinning, while the other side gets a hoop that's more than twice regulation size. 

The Currys faced these monumental odds on a Korean variety show, where they played against a team of Korean comedians.

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My Korean is sub-par, but I'm pretty sure there are no videos from the fourth quarter, so I'm not exactly sure who won or what the rules really were. But it seems the Currys actually tried pretty hard, and this was fun for all involved.

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