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Enzo Amore Facing Heat From WWE After Latest Locker Room Antics

Will Enzo Amore be looking for a new place to wrestle soon?

Enzo Amore is legitimately feeling the heat of the WWE locker room and office.

Three weeks ago on Raw, as Amore appeared on-screen, WWE play-by-play man Michael Cole stated, “This man’s mouth may have gotten him in trouble.”

In this case, art is imitating life, as Enzo Amore is genuinely frustrating and infuriating his colleagues at WWE, to the point where the WWE office has had to intervene.

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In addition to reports first released by the Wrestling Observer that Amore was kicked off the European Tour bus and forced to change outside the locker room, Sports Illustrated also learned that Amore is guilty of bringing a series of questionable guests into the locker room. The visitors broke locker room etiquette by filming and taking pictures of the wrestlers. The talent in the WWE believe that Amore–who is 30-year-old Eric Arndt–should know better.

WWE talent, led by The Undertaker, used to police the locker room with a Wrestlers’ Court that heard cases and doled out punishment. That procedure was ushered out of the company after a 14-year run in 2014 as ‘Taker began to become less of a consistent presence in the locker room.

Amore has also been venturing into the music business, which creates another conflict with WWE and could even land him on the list of future-endeavored talent. The issues were only exacerbated when Corey Graves and John Bradshaw Layfield discussed Amore’s erratic behavior on the WWE Network-produced Bring It To The Table program. The show is scripted and subjects are pre-approved by Kevin Dunn, who is Executive Vice President of Television Production, and Vince McMahon, so it was agreed beforehand that Amore would be criticized on the show.

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Big Cass–Amore’s former tag team partner who is 30-year-old William Morrissey–consistently stood up and protected Amore for the past year, but WWE management was eager to split the pair. Cass’ “No one likes you, Enzo” breakup promo from Raw was based off reality.

WWE gave Amore the opportunity to sink or swim with his most recent solo promos on Raw, which have been well-received by the fan base. Yet for every positive there is a negative, as Amore also made news as the subject of a social media vent session from a Buffalo stripper who was upset with conduct that she believed was unbecoming of a WWE star. The incident, Sports Illustrated confirmed, left many of the Raw locker room disappointed in the way Amore is embarrassing himself and tarnishing their brand.

In the highly competitive world of professional wrestling, the greatest threat to success sometimes comes from within. The talented Enzo Amore, unfortunately, appears to be his own worst enemy.

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