I'm seeing double: Four Boogs Powell!

By Jon Tayler
August 22, 2017

On the surface, there's nothing all that intriguing about the meeting of John Wesley Powell, 76, and Herschel Mack Powell, 24, other than their shared last names and professions; the former was a star for the Orioles in the 1960s and the American League MVP in 1970, and the latter currently plays for the Athletics. But together, the Powells have created a confluence of Boogs; "Boog" is the given sobriquet for both. And on Tuesday afternoon, the two Boogs Powell finally came together in probably the only conference of Boogs that has ever existed, to discuss all things Boog.

The timing of this Boog summit is fortuitous: The younger Boog hit his first career home run on Monday night in Baltimore, with the ball landing a few feet from the elder Boog's barbeque food stand at Camden Yards. With the fates thus drawing them together, the two Boogs agreed to meet, finally completing the Boog cipher. "I’ve always told myself I’d meet him here, and it’s finally here!" exclaimed the Athletics' Boog after Monday's game. "It will be interesting to meet the real ... the older one, because he’s so big and I’m so small."

In case you were wondering, the younger Boog Powell is so nicknamed as an explicit reference to the older Boog Powell; Little Boog was dubbed such by his father to—ironically enough—differentiate him from himself and his father, who were also named Herschel. But the elder Herschel's decision has paid off for all of us down the line, ensuring that the line of Boog lives on. Much like there must always be a Stark in Winterfell, there must always be a Boog Powell in MLB. (As the Athletics' Jed Lowrie so eloquently put it to reporters, "Every generation has its Boog.")

The only question left for me is how to refer to each Boog. I prefer Illiad-naming convention in the style of the two Ajaxes (Ajaces?), with the older as Boog the Great and the younger as Boog the Lesser. Suffice to say, though, we are blessed with an abundance of Boogs.

UPDATE: The Boogs Powell met another Boog Powell: Little Leaguer Jeffrey Powell.

A trio of Boogs!

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