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Traina Thoughts: Tennis Announcer Suing ESPN Over Controversial Firing Speaks Out

ESPN was hit with a wrongful termination lawsuit by Doug Adler.

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1. As I said earlier this week, the Robert Lee-ESPN controversy really was much ado about nothing: An overreaction by ESPN to save an employee from a day of social media mocking. Nothing more, nothing less. However, a much bigger story to keep an eye on going forward is a lawsuit that was brought against the World Wide Leader by former tennis broadcaster, Doug Adler. ESPN fired Adler after he said, “You see Venus move in and put the guerrilla effect on ... charging," while calling an Australian Open match in January. According to Adler and his wrongful termination suit, his comment got misinterpreted as "gorilla" instead of "guerrila" and now his career is over after ESPN failed to support him and cut his loose.

Adler explained his stance on the Today Show Friday and it looks like he is more than ready for a fight.

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin is my guest on this week's Off The Board podcast. You can get a full summary of the interview here or listen below. It's also available for download on iTunes, SoundCloud and Sticher

3. Solid training camp hijinks by Cowboys offensive lineman, Joe Looney.

4. With Blake Bortles likley losing his starting job to Chad Henne of all people, let this great stat sink in.

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5. The Texans are in New Orleans to play the Saints and J.J. Watt felts the ups and downs are partaking in the area's famous beignets.

6. People think Browns players don't accomplish anything positive, but this is quite a feat for offensive lineman, Joe Thomas.

7. The racial tension in this country is a serious subject. But, my goodness, watching Gronk try to break it all down is just wonderful.

8. If you'd like to save $100, skip the Mayweather-McGregor fight Satuday and just watch this Claymation battle.

9. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: In honor of my interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin, here is one of the all-time great bits between him and Mr. McMahon.