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Watch: Rays' Dancing Groundskeeper Back at It Again With Fire Routine

One benefit of playing at the Trop: Willis Harris. 

The Rays have fallen off pace in the Wild Card race, and attendance at Tropicana Field is worst in the league, with just more than 15,000 fans per game. Plus, the Astros and Rays are playing this game in Tampa Bay because of Hurricane Harvey. 

All signs point toward this game having a morose atmosphere.

Good thing dancing groundskeeper Willis Harris is here to spicen up our lives in between innings. 

What I'm most impressed with is the variety of moves here. He opens in full break-dance mode, then blesses us with a brief Milly Rock before transitioning to a robot-type deal.

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Turns out this is not the first time Harris has done his thing during a game. 

As summer turns into fall and more and more teams fall out of the playoff race, it's these nuggets of fun that keep us interested.