Tyson's only 5'10'', so LeBron's got about a foot on him. 

By Daniel Rapaport
September 05, 2017

It's no surprise that LeBron James had great seats to watch the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight. It is also no surprise that LeBron James is not the ideal person to sit behind at a sporting event. 

Boxing legend Mike Tyson, who is 5'10'' and sat behind James at the fight on Aug. 26, said he watched a large portion of the Mayweather victory on the Jumbotron because he just couldn't see over James, who is listed at 6'8''. 

"Listen, he's around 10 foot tall," Tyson told DJ Whoo Kid on The Whoolywood Shuffle. "So when he stood up, I looked up at the fight on the ceiling. They had the little tubes on the ceiling, so I watched the ceiling and said 'God, this guy is tall.'" 

Warning: The video below contains NSFW language. 

Tyson said he enjoyed the fight and thought everyone got their money's worth. DJ Whoo Kid also asked Tyson about fighting in MMA, to which Tyson responded, "I don't wanan do that no more, I'm not even the same person no more...you gotta be a certain kind of person for that."

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