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Amazon Now Delivers Booze to These 12 Cities

From Los Angeles to New York—and 10 cities in between—Amazon is now shipping bottles to select locations.

Amazon is demonstrating that the retail giant is not messing around in its venture into the world of groceries. Not only did the company recently acquired Whole Foods and slash grocery prices this week, but Prime Now has also begun delivering alcohol. For the uninitiated, Prime Now is a paid Amazon service that guarantees same day delivery, sometimes in as little as an hour. Which means, of course, that Amazon can have bottles of booze delivered to their doorsteps pretty much whenever they please. The addition of booze delivery is sure to please adult beverage-loving customers, but it’s only available in a handful of cities for now.

Prime Now has enabled customers to order food and other items to be delivered same day since it launched in NYC four years ago. Prime Now in NYC has been working with grocers and other food vendors in the area for some time, and the company seems set on making groceries a huge part of their business. Prime Now initiative quickly grew to include 30 US cities after its success in NYC, and now 12 of those locales can order booze. Prime subscribers in Cincinnati, Indiana, Columbus, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Phoenix, Portland, Richmond, Virginia, San Diego, Seattle, and the Bay Area can already order wine, beer, and depending where you live, hard liquor, according to Cosmopolitan.

Seattle and NYC have been able to order alcohol through Prime for a few years now, but the development is a new one for the other 10 cities on the list. Two hour delivery for booze is free (i.e. included in the cost of a Prime membership), and a one hour delivery rush will cost $8, consistent with the pricing for other Prime Now eligible items. So next time your party runs out of alcohol or a last minute celebration comes up, Prime has your back in two hour or less.

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