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Chuck Pagano Says Colts Got 'a----' Kicked By 49ers, They Played The Rams

Chuck Pagano gave a lot of credit to the 49ers but the Colts actually played the Rams.

Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano may want to prep for the right team next time. In his postgame press conference, Pagano said the team got its "a--" kicked by the "49ers," according to ESPN's Mike Wells. 

"We got our a---- kicked," Pagano said. Credit to the 49ers and coach McVay."

Watch his postgame comment below:

Let's break that statement down.

We got our a---- kicked

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Fact check: Correct. The Colts dropped their season opener 46–9.

Credit to the 49ers...

Fact check. Incorrect. The Colts lost to the Los Angeles Rams.​

...and coach McVay

Fact check: Sorta correct. Sean McVay is the coach of the Rams but not the coach of the 49ers.

The Colts don't play the 49ers until Week 5 on October 8. Pagano seems to be excited.