Chuck Pagano Says Colts Got 'a----' Kicked By 49ers, They Played The Rams

Chuck Pagano gave a lot of credit to the 49ers but the Colts actually played the Rams.
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Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano may want to prep for the right team next time. In his postgame press conference, Pagano said the team got its "a--" kicked by the "49ers," according to ESPN's Mike Wells. 

"We got our a---- kicked," Pagano said. Credit to the 49ers and coach McVay."

Watch his postgame comment below:

Let's break that statement down.

We got our a---- kicked

Fact check: Correct. The Colts dropped their season opener 46–9.

Credit to the 49ers...

Fact check. Incorrect. The Colts lost to the Los Angeles Rams.​

...and coach McVay

Fact check: Sorta correct. Sean McVay is the coach of the Rams but not the coach of the 49ers.

The Colts don't play the 49ers until Week 5 on October 8. Pagano seems to be excited.