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Joe Buck Hilarioulsy Spills The Beans on Larry David's Behavior at Erin Andrews' Wedding

Larry David went to Erin Andrews' wedding and, according to Joe Buck, behaved as you'd expect.

If you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, you can only imagine what Larry David would be like at a wedding.

FOX broadcaster, Joe Buck, pulled back the curtain just a little bit on how David behaves at a wedding, when he relayed some stories about being with the comedian at Erin Andrews' wedding to Jarret Stoll in June during an interview Tuesday on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show Tuesday morning.

"He was there with a friend of his, that friend of his was invited so he came," Buck told Stern, "and you know Larry enough to know that what you see on Curb Your Enthusiasm is exactly how he is."

Buck continued, "So, Erin got married at this place called the Yellowstone Club on this mountain top. It was gorgeous, but it was sunny. Larry's in the row behind me and he's like, 'I thought if i wore a hat I'd look like a jerk and now I'm dying of skin cancer it's so sunny and I don't have any sunblock, I left the hat in the room and I'm waiting for the [Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song].

And then we go to the reception afterward and it got cold, it was like 50, and now he's shivering and they're bring him blankets and putting candles in front of him like it's a small fire that he's gonna get warm from. It was awesome. He's such a great guy."

Buck also explained that Larry did not hit the dance floor, but was more than happy to judge the NFL and MLB play-by-play man, telling Stern,  "I said, now if I go out there, are you, Larry David, going to only watch me dance? And he said, 'Absolutely. Just know that when your wife drags your ass out there, I will only be watching you dance."

Listen to Buck explain it all to Stern in the clip below.