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The Porta Potty Challenge Is the Most Disgusting and Impressive Thing on the Internet Right Now

Bet you've never seen 40 people packed into a porta potty until today.

Runners are weird people—cross country runners especially—but this is ridiculous even by their standards. 

Cross country runners around the country are now participating in what is called the #PortaPottyChallenge. The premise is simple. Pack as many of your friends as possible into a porta potty and share a video of everyone exiting. Cross country is the perfect sport for this to come from because athletes tend to be smaller than others in major sports like football or basketball.

The trend been around for a couple months but a video from the Riverside Cross Country in South Carolina just took things to another level.

The team managed to cram 40 teens into the porta potty.

That's absurd. The toilet was literally bursting at the seams! I'm having trouble balancing my awe with my disgust. Sure, it's a larger handicap-accessible porta porty, but still.

After seeing that, these videos seem almost pathetic by comparison. 

This probably isn't even the tip of the iceberg for the porta potty challenge. Teens will somehow find a way to fit 100 people inside one soon.