Off The Board: Interviews With Erin Andrews and Jimmy Kimmel

Erin Andrews reveals why she doesn't tweet about politics while Jimmy Kimmel explains why he does.
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This week's Off The Board podcast hosted by Jimmy Traina features two separate interviews with FOX NFL sideline reporter and Dancing with the Stars host, Erin Andrews and late-night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel.

Andrews discusses, among other things, her botox, her desire to be a Marine biologist or flight attendant, what it was like to cover the Aaron Rodgers broken collarbone injury, ​how she handles doing the NFL and Dancing with the Stars gigs at the same time, her obsession with current DWTS contestant and WWE superstar, Nikki Bella, how Tony Romo is doing in the booth and the Sam Ponder/Barstool Sports controversy, the funniest players in the NFL and Tom Brady's The TB12 Method book.

Andrews also explains her policy on not tweeting about politics, saying, "For me to come out and say 'This is what I believe in politics, this is what I believe about what’s going on in the NFL,' nobody wants to hear that from me. I read my Twitter. Nobody wants to hear a lot of things. I’m not educated in a lot of what is being talked about in politics the way people are on CNN or Fox News. You shouldn’t be listening to that from me. ... 

You know what I study? I woke up this morning and I watched NFL Live, I watched [Good Morning Football's] Schrager Bombs on the NFL Network. That’s what I feel comfortable talking about. I don’t feel comfortable talking about politics and I don’t want to preach to anyone about it. If you want me to preach to you about the Real Housewives of New Jersey, I am down."

Andrews also gives us in the inside scoop on what it was like to have Larry David at her wedding.

Jimmy Kimmel also covered several topics.

On the negative reaction to his monologue about his son's health issues and his desire to see everyone get healthcare: 

"I was a little surprised by it. You don’t expect that. I think that we’re trained now to take a side no matter what the specifics of the issue. I suspect that a lot of the people who criticize me for that may find themselves in a situation where they wish they hadn’t. I hope they don’t, but I hope that if they do or if they see somebody who is close to them in that position they speak out about that too because people are very quick to criticize and they’re not quite as quick to help."

On whether he'd have O.J. Simpson on his show

No, I would not have O.J. on the show. You know why I wouldn’t have O.J. on the show? Because I feel like it would help him, and that’s not necessarily what I’m looking to do. It’s not to say I wouldn’t have questions for O.J.. I most certainly would. I think O.J. as an athlete became very good at not answering questions and I don’t think I’d get much out of him and I think it would be a lose-lose for all except for O.J.

On his time as a contributor to FOX's NFL pregame show and whether Terry Bradshaw really got mad at some of the bits:

"I would say there some times I went too far. In the beginning, none of them liked me at all. I mean, they really didn’t like me and they really wanted me off. But as it went on, I think, based on people coming up to them, especially Terry, people saying, 'I love when you and Kimmel do this back-and-forth thing.' I think he realized it was good for the show. Terry was always a great sport about it.”

On football in L.A. being a disaster:

"No one cares. People have this idea that L.A is bandwagon city and they won’t even get on the bandwagon. L.A. is not a bandwagon city, by the way. L.A. has great sports fans and I think that's overblown. There was a long time where we got used to watching football on television. Even for me, I get invited to these games all the time, the idea of missing all the games is not something that particularly appeals to me, and we also lost that kind of loyalty. We’re certainly not gonna take on a loyalty to the Chargers. The Rams left a long time ago and you don’t forget that. It’s turning out to be a lot harder for them then they thought it was going to be."

His favorite sports guests:

"It’s hard to top Mike Tyson, but Charles Barkley, if I had to pick one. Shaq, I love as well. For me, also some of the guys I admire personally. Like Steve Garvey was my boyhood idol. We had him on the Man Show. It was very exciting for me. Mike Piazza is another favorite. One guy I never had on that I never got to meet that I really wish I had was Tony Gwynn, who was one of my favorite players. I saw him play minor league ball in Las Vegas when I was growing up there and then followed him when he was on the Padres. That’s one I feel like I missed."

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