Traina Thoughts: It's The 20th Anniversary Of The Montreal Screwjob

The Montreal Screwjob was the most important moment in wrestling history.
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1. On November 9, 1997, at the Molson Centre in Montreal, Vince McMahon made the decision to go off script and ordered referee Earl Hebner call for the bell while Shawn Michaels had Bret Hart in the Sharpshooter at the Survivor Series. That moment changed the entire business of professional wrestling in a way nobody, including McMahon, could've ever imagined.

It wasn't so much about what took place that Sunday night. It was what happened the next week on Monday Night Raw, when McMahon gave the famous, "Bret Screwed Brett" interview to Jim Ross. Not only did that segment pull the entire curtain ALL the way back on how pro wrestling works with pre-determined outcomes and storylines (since McMahon called out Hart for refusing to lose his Survivor Series match to Michaels), but it created the "Mr. McMahon" character, which went on to feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin -- a feud that basically let the WWE print money.

With all due respect to Hulk Hogan joining the NWO, the Montreal Screwjob turned out to be the biggest moment in pro wrestling history. The NWO thing obviously had a dominating run, but it didn't last, it couldn't be sustained and ended up getting watered down. The Mr. McMahon character, meanwhile, lives on today. And while McMahon, 72, has pulled back his on-camera work, Mr. McMahon is still the gift that keeps on giving. 


If you've never heard Jim Cornette, who was a writer for the WWE in 1997, break down in detail what happened with the Montreal Screwjob and how it came out, I can't stress enough that you should carve out 15 minutes of you day and click play on the video below. You will not be disappointed. 


2. This week's Off The Board podcast features a very fun interview with Patriots wide receiver, Julian Edelman. Highlights of Edelman talking about Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, his love of hamburgers, his favorite wresting moves and more can be found here. You can listen to the podcast below or on iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher.

3. The biggest story in sports right now may very well be the battle that's shaping up between Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell. Reports say that Jones wants to block Goodell from signing a new contract as NFL commissioner. Leave it to Brent Musburger to put this matter in its proper perpective.

4. Steve Kerr showed off some impressive dance moves.

5. This Celtics fan went straight savage on Lonzo Ball during last night's L.A.-Boston game.

6. This is important. The Panthers have finally explained to Cam Newton that being on the Titantic is not a good thing.

7. Standing ovation for whoever created this image yesterday.

8. Jimmy Kimmel has pulled off another brilliant stunt on the people of America.


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BONUS ITEM: Gross game tonight, but I'll take Seattle -6 at Arizona.