Traina Thoughts: Mike Leach's Thoughts On Weddings Are Something Else

Washington State football coach Mike Leach has VERY strong thoughts about weddings.
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1. If you're reading this, you're either goofing off at work until you can get out of there to start enjoying your Thanksgiving or you've clicked on this during some very brief downtime as you get ready to celebrate the holiday. Either way, make sure carve out 3 minutes and 15 seconds to watch this full video above of Washington State coach, Mike Leach, share his thoughts on why wedding planning is so awful.

2. Five years ago today...

3. This is so wrong. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan announced that he and his wife were having their second child yesterday, via this tweet.

Of course, someone had to go and do this.

4. "You're an embarrassment." Eagles running back Jay Ajayi couldn't finish a run against the Cowboys Sunday night, which prompted a solid roasting from his teammates.

5. Joel Embiid = still the greatest.

6. We told you yesterday that Mike Francesa said on Monday he could manage the Yankees. The Sports Pope doubled down on his claim during Tuesday's show.

7RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: In this vintage video from 1987, the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, shares what he is thankful for.

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BONUS ITEM: Thanksgiving picks -- Vikings -3, Cowboys +1, Redskins -7.