Traina Thoughts: Love Him Or Hate Him, Bill Belichick Mic'd Up Is Must-See TV

Watch Bill Belichick show no emotion whatsoever as the Patriots scored touchdown after touchdown.
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1. Bill Belichick was mic'd up for the Patriots' 35-17 win against the Dolphins last Sunday. We all know that Bill isn't exactly Mr. Warm and Fuzzy, but seeing him repeatedly show zero emotion whatsoever on each of the Patriots' five touchdowns was still hilarious. My favorite highlight in the three-minute clip comes about a minute-and-a-half in when he loses his mind while asking an official for a measurement.

2. If you're a long-time reader of or a watcher/listener of the Dan Patrick Show, you know Andrew Perloff. His weekly column is called "Andrew Perloff Has Issues," and boy, does he. Full disclosure, we've been friends for a long time and I love the guy, but, holy cow, his takes are awful. Before the NFL season started, Perloff was pumping up Vikings quarterback Case Keenum. I mocked him and told Keenum was terrible. Clearly, Perloff was 100 percent right and I was 100 percent wrong and he likes to let me know about it.

However, as usual, Perloff throws all the credibility he builds up away when he posts nonsense, as he did this morning.

The concept of Matt Stafford as a Hall of Famer is so ridiculous, but it's typical Perloff. Yet, I can't even call it Perloff's worst take, because we have this gem on the record.

3. Bo Jackson turns 55 years old today. Thirty years ago today, he racked up 221 yards on 18 carries against the Seahawks on Monday Night Football. The highlights were a 91-yard TD run and bulldozing Brian Bosworth.

4. In honor of the Tennessee coaching search debacle, the Pardon My Take guys, Big Cat and PMT, have reworked Billy Joel's classic, Piano Man, into Schiano Man and it's brilliant.

5. On the heels of his old partner, Mike Francesa, going off on the Giants and coach Ben McAdoo for benching Eli Manning, the Pope's old partner, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo had his own meltdown on SiriusXM yesterday. The Doggy called out Giants fans for being complete phonies and frauds regarding Manning.

6. WWE superstar John Cena is currently in Sydney, Australia, where tried his hand at cricket. It did not go so well.

7. Knicks center Kristaps Porzingis is now a lizard.

8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: This newest episode of Something To Wrestle that will drop tomorrow is about Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Obviously, it will be awesome. Hopefully, there's a lot of discussion about the great Roberts-Rick Rude feud. The passion with which Mean Gene Okerlund reported on the storyline was so good.

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BONUS ITEM: I haven't picked a Cowboys game correctly in weeks, so bet the opposite of my pick here: Washington -1.5 over Dallas tonight.