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A Massachusetts Teacher Used a Picture of Tom Brady to Get Cars to Slow Down

Tom Brady has a pretty face. Everyone stops for a pretty face. 

One of the first rules of humanity is that people tend to stop and look when they see a pretty face. 

With that knowledge, a Roxbury, Mass., teacher decided to employ one of the prettier faces in America—that of five-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady—to try and slow down traffic around the school he teaches at. 

The teacher is Sam Balto, and he decided to take matters into his own hands after cars were speeding near his school at over 55 mph. Apparently there had been multiple futile attempts to put a sign near the school reminding cars to slow down, so Balto knew he needed to get creative. 

Sure, this could just as easily distract drivers which can lead to disastrous situations. But that sure is a pretty face.