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Traina Thoughts: Jadeveon Clowney on Blake Bortles: "He's Trash"

Jadeveon Clowney picked a really odd time to call Blake Bortles "trash."

1. Hey, Jadeveon Clowney, how about a little bit of self-awareness? Just a teeny tiny bit, perhaps? Clowney's Texans were embarrassed at Jacksonville yesterday, 45-7. However, after the game, the Texans defensive lineman had no interest in complimenting Bortles, who was 21 of 29 for 326 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions.

To be clear, I don't think Blake Bortles is a good quarterback. People are jumping on his bandwagon because the Jags have won three home game in a row, with two of those coming against bad teams in the Colts and Texans, and the other against the Seahawks.

However, even if Bortles is trash, Clowney looks beyond ridiculous for making that comment after getting lit up by Jacksonville twice this season.

I'm all for trash talk, but you better be sure you can back it up. In Clowney's case, he just looks completely foolish here. I don't want to rip him too much, though, because he's still responsible for the greatest Jim Ross dub of all time.

2. All anyone wants to talk about today is the catch/non-catch by Jesse James at the end of the Steelers-Patriots game. If it makes anyone feel any better, just know that the players are just as confused as the fans about the rule.

3. Cam Newton talking to Clay Matthews and saying "watch this" right before throwing a touchdown pass was the coolest moment of the day on Sunday.

4. Are you ready for an NFL ownership group consisting of Puff Daddy, Steph Curry and Colin Kaepernick?

5. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'll never understand how anyone can dislike LeBron James.

6. The best thing you'll see today is this video shared by Bears tight end Zach Miller.

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7. The Foo Fighters mashed up Everlong with some Christmas songs on Saturday Night Live this weekend and it worked pretty well.


8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Happy Birthday to one of the greatest of all time, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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BONUS ITEM: Falcons -6.5 at the Bucs tonight.