1. If you're reading this, I'm going to assume that you know we live in a clickbait world. Hell, I'm the guy who created Hot Clicks, so I know about clickbait very well. I like to give my readers enough credit to think that they know clickbait very well, too, so I try not to insult their intelligence.

Philly.com, however, must think their readers are extremely stupid because they went for the Hail Mary of clickbait yesterday with this headline/story.


I don't know if this should get chalked up to the fact that Super Bowl week is a complete disaster from a media standpoint and you need to drum up takes every single day for one game or if someone thought this was just clever cross-city Super Bowl trash talking, but, holy cow, this is bad.

I thought maybe this was a case of a headline writer trying to cause a splash, but the last line of the column is: "Maybe it’s not a coincidence that the NFL team that has had the most success in this century also had to deal with the league’s greatest tragedy."

How on earth is winning five Super Bowls over 17 years while also having a player that was a murderer on the roster for three of those seasons anything but a coincidence? It's the definition of a coincidence. But, hey, everyone will click on this absurd story and it will be a win for Philly.com. 

2. I thought RGIII won the night Tuesday after the ridiculous Alex Smith trade and sign by the Redskins with this tweet. 

But it's hard for RGIII to compete with one of the guys who was part of the deal, yet didn't know he was part of the deal and played it all out on Twitter.

3. This interview with German hockey player, Stefan Loibl, of the Straubing Tigers, has a phenomenal ending.

4. It's amazing that this country doesn't want to make gambling legal and take in a cut via taxes. This chart breaks down what $4.7 billion in illegal Super Bowl wagers could mean for many states.

5. The NFL's Thursday night package is headed to FOX for the next five years. Sports Business Journal's John Ourand reports that as of now, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will not call the games. My unsolicited advice for FOX: Use Gus Johnson for play-by-play and use someone new and fresh as the analyst. No retreads. 

6. Blake Griffin is not in L.A. anymore as evidenced by his first interview as a Pistons player, which took place as he got off the plane in Detroit. Parka? Check? Wool hat? Check. Breath vapor coming out of his mouth? Check.

7. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: This behind-the-scenes video of "Raw 25" was way better than "Raw 25."

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