1. The MLB All-Star Game is not anything that anyone should get worked up over because it's a useless exhibition. However, Astros pitcher Justin Verlander dropped quite an amusing nugget on Twitter on Sunday regarding how the players vote for reserves and pitchers and it's truly remarkable.

MLB, still, in 2018, has players use a paper ballot that they put in an envelope, which presumbaly gets mailed to the league's headquarters in New York City. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? How is this not done electronically? The league could either set up a secure site for the players or just use—and I don't want to get radical here, but please allow me to—E-MAIL!

This would elminate the problem Verlander touched on with players being required to vote weeks before the ballots close because the league still uses snail mail. 

Like I said, in the grand scheme of things, this is pretty insignifant and unimportant, but it's just a bad look for MLB, which constantly has to fight the narrative that it's a sport for old people.

And clearly, judging by Verlander's tweet, the players are not happy with this system, either.

2. The latest SI Media Podcast features an interview with legendary wrestling manager, promoter, booker, announcer and all-around character Jim Cornette. The man who pulls no punches whatsoever was in the WWE from 1993 to 2005 and sheds light on what it was like to work for Vince McMahon. He also discusses the issues he has with pro wrestling today, which gimmick he hated that ended up working the best, whether he thinks the WWE will be in good hands when Stephanie McMahon and Triple H take over, the problem WWE has with Roman Reigns, what he thinks of Ronda Rousey and much more. You can listen below or on iTunes.

3. Alex Ovechkin had to part ways with his beloved Stanley Cup yesterday and it was an extremely emotional scene.

4. Nationals closer Sean Doolittle made the NL All-Star team yesterday and used the occasion to do some very good tweeting.

5. No days off and no taking it easy on his opponents—no matter who it is—for Tom Brady.

6. Great stuff here from Astros outfielder George Springer who hosted his annual charity event for children who stutter yesterday.

7. Best news of the year: Sacha Baron Cohen is now on Twitter and he has some mysterious new project coming out.

8. RANDOM "DUETS" VIDEO OF THE DAY: Billy Joel joins Paul McCartney for the iconic "Let It Be." (Side note humblebrag: I was at this show.)

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IN CLOSING: I'm about a week late on this, but I just have to get this off my chest. If you care at all about anything that happens in a hot dog eating contest, please don't.