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ESPN's Ryen Russillo ask Rainn Wilson if Pam Beesly was evil on 'The Office'.

By Jimmy Traina
August 10, 2018

1. I will not make a snide remark about Get Up having its best segment ever today while regular hosts Mike Greenberg, Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose were all on vacation.

Instead I will stick to the important matter at hand, which is this: Rainn Wilson was a guest on the show Friday morning and fill in host Ryen Russillo asked him about his theory that Pam Beesly was evil. Sweet, beautiful, wholesome Pam Beesly from The Office.

Russillo did lay out a few meaingless facts to support his argument, which he had tweeted about a few months ago.

However, the character assassination of the wonderful Pam (how could you not love a woman who came up with "second drink?") was downright offensive.

And to make matters even worse, Wilson, after initally calling out Russillo for being a "horrible human being" then did a 180 and was in agreement with Russillo. What the hell, Dwight?!? Was this Rainn Wilson's revenge for Dwight constantly being the butt of Jim and Pam's pranks?

The bottom line is this: Maybe all those things Russillo laid out were true. But that doesn't mean Pam was evil. It means she knew, like everyone else, she was meant to be with Jim and she did anything and everything she had to do to make sure she ended up with him. Did you ever think of that, Ryen? There will be no Pam, Jim or Pam and Jim besmirching on my watch! 

On a side note, Russillo clearly showed in that one minute clip that he should be the host of Get Up. However, I will not forget him going after Pam Beesly any time soon.

2. You know it's the preseason when Bill Belichick actually smiles during an in-game interview as he did last night.

3. Browns tight end David Njoku caught a touchdown pass against the Giants on Thursday night and tried to be a nice guy by tossing the ball into the crowd so a lucky fan would have a souvenir. There was only one problem: The fan heaved the ball back at Njoku.

4. Speaking of the Browns, Twitter was actually productive for them yesterday. About two hours after team beat writer Mary Kay Cabot tweeted that the Browns couldn't get a return call from free-agent wideout Dez Bryant, action was taken.

5. MLB revealed all the nicknames that players will wear on their jerseys during the weekend of Aug. 24. Here are our 10 favorites.

Russell Martin: "LE MUSCLE"
Brett Cecil: "SQUINTS"
Jon Lester: "LEFTHANDER"
Walker Buehler: "FERRIS"
Jason Kipnis: "DIRTBAG"
Phil Maton: "SPIN RATE"
Joey Gallo: "PICO DE GALLO"

The two best, in my opinion, are Giants pitcher Derek Holland going with "LAST NAME" after this happened a few weeks ago.

And Indians pitcher Shane Bieber going with this:


6. This week's show features an interview with the entire cast of the best morning sports show on TV—the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football. Kay Adams, Nate Burleson, Peter Schrager and Kyle Brandt all joined me to talk about how the show got put together, how they strike a balance of doing hardcore NFL segments with fun, light-hearted segments, whether they ever hear from the NFL about discussing controversial topics, their favorite guests, the all-time greatest HBO shows and much more. You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes.

7. RANDOM STAND UP VIDEO OF THE DAY: If you've never see this routine by Blake Griffin, you've been missing out.

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IN CLOSING: I've told you guys a million times Baker Mayfield would be a great pro and clearly I was proven right based on one preseason game.

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