John Maffei hangs up on WFAN's Steve Somers in record time over Jacob deGrom beef.

1. Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom received 29 of 30 possible first-place votes to win the NL Cy Young award on Wednesday. The lone writer to overlook deGrom was John Maffei of the San Diego Union-Tribune. He gave his first-place vote to Max Scherzer.

New York radio host Steve Somers had Maffei on his WFAN show following the announcement and it was a must-hear interview. Why? Because it lasted about three seconds. Somers wasted no time in making fun of Maffei and the writer responded by ending the interview literally as soon as it started.

Now that's good radio.

2. Baker Mayfield was mic'd up for last Sunday's game against the Falcons and some of the highlights include the rookie QB telling new head coach Gregg Williams, "Don't be scared," before kickoff and saying, "Did you see my handoff on that play?" after Nick Chubb's 92-yard touchdown run.

3. The best part of Nathan Peterman's career is that because of him, we now have J. Peterman on N. Peterman

4. This newest SI Media Podcast features an interview with Ian Eagle of CBS Sports/Turner Sports. The versatile broadcaster talks about whether doing Nets games for 25 years has taken a toll on him, weighs in on the recent report that TNT might be forcing out Marv Albert as its lead NBA voice, shares a few hilarious Bill Raftery stories, reminisces about his days working for Mike and the Mad Dog, offers advice to young broadcasters, reveals a couple of opportunities he had with the Howard Stern Show and explains why he's never had a salad in his entire life.

5. Blake Bortles may have figured out the secret to quarterbacking.

6. If you're one of the suckers who will spend $20 to watch Tiger Woods play Phil Mickelson in some fake event, you should know that the exhibition will be called by Ernie Johnson, Darren Clarke and Peter Jacobsen. There will also be a pregame show featuring Charles Barkley and Samuel L. Jackson. 

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: This brand new Elton John Christmas commercial is blowing up today.

Obviously, Your Song is an all-time classic, but this is my favorite Elton tune.

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IN CLOSING: Seahawks -3 Thursday night is a winner.