1. Full disclosure on two things: I did not see the Monday Night Football halftime concert this week because when halftime comes along, I change the channel. Also, I'm about 500 years old and completely uncool, so Bad Bunny could be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I've never heard of him. And neither had Booger McFarland, who was calling the game.

Having said that, to say Bad Bunny didn't go over well with Twitter would be a severe understatement. Before we get to the tweets, let's just cover a few things.

First, the MNF halftime concert usually gets trashed every week on Twitter, so this is not new. However, the tweets usually have a mocking theme more than a "who the hell is this" theme.

Second, I understand ESPN wanting to do something different with its halftime show. Showing highlights from games that happened more than 24 hours earlier is completely useless in this day and age. Everyone has seen everything by Monday night at 9:30 p.m. The concert series is a case of ESPN trying to make some extra cash, since it's sponsored, which is perfectly good business, but it has not gone over well at all with viewers. This is also a case of networks trying to get too smart and too cute. Instead of the bad concerts, just show a five-minute video package of players mic'd up or do a segment analyzing the betting lines for the following week. Keep it simple and cater to your audience.

Leave Bad Bunny to MTV or whoever shows videos today. Because when you don't do that, this happens:

2. J.J. Watt has excellent taste in TV shows and characters.

3. I laughed out loud about a dozen times watching Scott Van Pelt's latest edition of Bad Beats.

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4. I'll never understand how people don't believe in jinxes.

5. It takes about a minute for this bit to get going, but once it does it's worth your time. Stephen Colbert introduced a millennial to a pay phone on his show last night.

6. The newest SI Media Podcast features an interview with the The Athletic's Stewart Mandel, who is the site's editor-in-chief of college football coverage. Stew, who also writes for the site, talks about the business of sports media and what it's like to work for a pay-subsciption website. In addition to discussing the current state of sports media, we touched on the College Football Playoff and the dilemma for Central Florida. The end of the podcast closes with us reminiscing about Stew's days at SI.com and his "Mailbag Crush" feature, which led to him once exchanging MySpace messages with The Office's Jenna Fischer. You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: We all think the NFL refs stink today and have no idea what a catch is, but this has been going on forever. Check out what happened during a Jags-Browns game in 2001 when the refs botched a call.

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IN CLOSING: I know everyone's on the Cowboys bandwagon right now, but how are the Saints only giving 7 points on Thursday night?