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1. Everyone knows NBA on TNT is the best studio show around. Thursday night's edition perfectly displayed why that is the case.

First we had Charles Barkley completely scrambling Shaq's brain after Shaq said that Kawhi Leonard is the second-best player in the NBA, but not the best player in the Eastern Conference. The conversation turned into a "Who's on First" bit, with O'Neal trying—and failing—to cover up his gaffe.

Then the crew broke into raucous laughter after they spotted a shirtless Kevin Durant. Not caring about the social media crowd turning on them for body shaming, Charles asked if "that was a cadaver." before saying “A happy meal wouldn’t hurt the brother.”

We are blessed to have this show.

2. Raptors guard Kyle Lowry pulled a Bill Belichick before Thursday night's game against the Warriors, declaring to the media that he didn't want any "dumbass questions."

3. Hell of an acting job by Cowboys defensive end Antwaun Woods last night.

4. The Cowboys are still America's team and the NFL boycotts don't seem to be working anymore.

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5. I stand by this tweet I sent out Thursday night. 

6. This week's SI Media Podcast features an interview with Blake Griffin. The Pistons star talked about whether he's rooting against the Clippers, whether it's a better feeling to get a laugh doing standup or to have a monster dunk, whether he still gets excited when he throws down a big dunk, the negative comment that bothers him the most, being name dropped on The Office, why he loves Curb Your Enthusiasm, but can't binge watch it and much more

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: The Rock and Chris Jericho were always magic together.

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