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On the biggest betting day of the year, CBS broadcasters will stay quiet.

By Jimmy Traina
January 11, 2019

1. Well, this is certainly disappointing.

CBS, which has avoided mentioning anything relating to betting all season, has said it will stick to that philosophy for Super Bowl LIII on Feb. 3. 

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest gambling day of the year. Last year, an estimated $4.76 BILLION was wagered on the Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl in America. With sports betting legalized in eight states and six states expected to pass sports betting legislation in 2019, there's no need to treat viewers like children. It's not a dirty secret anymore. 

We will be flexible going forward, but it’s only been legalized in a few states so far,” CBS President Sean McManus told Reuters. “It wasn’t something we were going to in some ways burden our announcers with.”

Burden your announcers with? The announcers are going to memorize a million stats for Super Bowl LIIIl. What's a few more? Plus, your network is doing a SEVEN hour pregame show. Surely you can find a minute or two to discuss some prop bets.

Nobody forgets that sports are supposed to be fun more than network executives. We wouldn't expect CBS to devout their coverage to the lines, but Super Bowl LIII is the perfect chance for the network to give us some amusing coverage of things like the coin flip and the length of the national anthem and a couple of the other wacky props.

Instead, CBS is choosing to ignore one of the biggest reasons why people tune in to the Super Bowl and not serve the viewers to the best of their capabilities.

2. Bryan Cranston channeled his inner-Walter White on Friday's Good Morning Football to deliver a message to the Philadelphia Eagles and Nick Foles.

3. This little soccer fan is the best thing you will see on the Internet today.

4. You've seen full-court passes many times before, but the Nuggets' Nikola Jokic pulled off an special version of the play last night when he did it all in one motion off a rebound.

5. Cody Parkey has offiicially made it. The Bears kicker was followed by a TMZ cameraman who was hurling ridiculous questions at him this morning. I kinda wish Parkey would've turned around and just said, "Hey, I missed a kick. It's really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of life," but instead he just kept his head down and stayed quiet.

6The latest SI Media Podcast features interviews with Joe Buck and Jim Ross.

Buck talks about mispronouncing Mark-Paul Gosselaar's name last week, his philosophy on criticizing officials, why he thinks this was Troy Aikman's best year in the booth, what it was like to call two NFL games each week thanks to Thursday Night Football, his all-time best call and whether he'll continue to call both MLB and NFL in the future.

Ross joins the podcast the 45-minute mark to share stories and memories of the late, great Mean Gene Okerlund and talk about the differences in wrestling announcers from the '80s and today.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: I would normally never post a 46-minute video, but it's Friday so save this one for when you have some downtime this weekend. The cast of The Sopranos appeared on Thursday's Today Show for extensive interview to celebrate the show's 20th anniversary (which we covered in yesterday's Traina Thoughts) and it was excellent. You can get a taste with a five-minute snippet here.

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IN CLOSING: Patriots -4 over the Chargers is your Best Bet of the weekend. Not to brag, but someone is on fire.

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