1. Vin Scully. Keith Jackson. Verne Lundquist. Marv Albert. Doc Emrick. Snoop Dogg?

Yes, after hearing the legendary rapper in the booth for Saturday's Penguins-Kings game, I'm ready to anoint Snoop as one of the great sports broadcasters of our time. The pipes were smooth, the analysis was entertaining and lines were unique. "Let's get some money" and "Who wants the money" need to be incorporated into every sports telecast. Well done, Calvin Broadus Jr.

2. We're all still wondering how Alshon Jeffery missed this catch.

However, Jeffery got no sympathy from the New York Daily News today.

3. It looks like Tom Brady and the Patriots are rallying around the disrespect card, which is comical, but it did work for them yesterday.

4. Hopefully nobody on the Clemson football team likes to eat healthy.

5. Not sure why you'd send this tweet out when the guy is in the middle of a 123-yard, two-touchdown game, but Booger McFarland had a weird take on Rams running back, C.J. Anderson.

6. The latest SI Media Podcast features interviews with Joe Buck and Jim Ross.

Buck talks about mispronouncing Mark-Paul Gosselaar's name last week, his philosophy on criticizing officials, why he thinks this was Troy Aikman's best year in the booth, what it was like to call two NFL games each week thanks to Thursday Night Football, his all-time best call and whether he'll continue to call both MLB and NFL in the future.

Ross joins the podcast the 45-minute mark to share stories and memories of the late, great Mean Gene Okerlund and talk about the differences in wrestling announcers from the '80s and today.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: The Office meets Bird Box.

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IN CLOSING: The celebration where every member of the defense runs to the end zone to do a group pose after a turnover is so played out and has to stop immediately.