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FOX Sports had the glowing hockey puck. NBC had the XFL. ESPN had the "BoogerMobile."

"Had" being the key word here, because the Sporting News reported Thursday that Monday Night Football analyst, Booger McFarland, will not call games from the crane this coming season if he's back as part of the broadcast team.

SI can confirm the report, so feel free to unleash those #RIPBoogerMobile tweets.

With Jason Witten back on the Cowboys, many expect ESPN to just stick with a two-man booth of Joe Tessitore and McFarland for the 2019 season. Journalist Jim Miller, appearing on this week's SI Media Podcast, said the only way it won't be Tessitore and McFarland is if ESPN can convince Peyton Manning to join the booth.

McFarland's crane garnered a lot of attention during the 2018 season, but not for good reasons. Many in-stadium fans complained about the contraption blocking their view, while people watching at home often felt that McFarland being on the field and in the device hurt the chemistry with Tessitore and Witten. ESPN had even done away with the crane for its final regular-season game. 

But now it's officially gone forever. #RIPBoogerMobile