What is the Jeopardy! All-Time Prize Money Winnings Record?

Holzhauer enters Friday night with 11-straight wins and $771,920 in prize money. 
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Professional sports gambler James Holzhauer is raking in the cash on a whole new game, dominating Jeopardy! en route to 11-straight wins entering Friday night. And Holzhauer has added plenty of cash on his impressive winning streak. 

The Las Vegas resident has tallied $771,920 through 11 victories, including the top four single-day performances in the show's history. But is Holzhauer's total winnings atop the all-time Jeopardy! leaderboard? 

Check out the total winnings leaderboard below: 

1. Brad Rutter: $4,385,702

2. Ken Jennings: $3,270,700

3. James Holzhauer: $771,920

4. Roger Craig: $530,200

5. Matt Jackson: $511,612

6. Jerome Vered: $499,102

7. Julia Collins: $478,100

8. David Madde: $432,400

9. Ben Ingram: $426,534

10. Dan Pawson: $420,902

This post will be updated with Holzhauer's winnings as he continues to compete.