Yankees manager Aaron Boone had enough of an inconsistent strike zone during Thursday's game against the Rays, so he barked at home plate umpire Brennan Miller after Brett Gardner was called out looking and got ejected. Then Boone put on a tremendous show for everyone watching with one of the best verbal tirade's you'll ever heard on a baseball field.

And here is the translation of Boone's words.

Let's rank the amazing things that take place in that 41-second clip.

5. "That guy's a good pitcher": Sure, Boone was pissed off beyond belief, but he still managed to throw in a compliment for Rays starter, Yonny Chirnos, who was 8-4 with a 3.11 ERA going into the game.

4. "Tighten that sh*t up": A pretty basic line, but Boone clapping in Miller's face while spitting it out adds some much-needed extra emphasis.

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3Brett Gardner's clap: The veteran outfielder made it clear that he was a big fan of his manager's words for Miller.

2. "My guy's are f*cking savages in that box": That line is as good as it gets when it comes to a skipper arguing balls and strikes.

1. "I feel bad for you": Not as creative as "My guys are f*cking savages," but this is the ultimate insult. It's a combination of, "you stink at your job," "you have my pity," and "you are such a disappointment." Just a devastating blow.


While Boone went for the verbal lashing, Brett Gardner did this in the dugout:

Impressive versatility shown here by Garder to change his strategy mid-meltdown and go from destroying bat rack to destroying dugout roof.