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Kevin Garnett stars as himself in the 'Uncut Gems' trailer while Mike Francesa is listed as a character named Anthony. 

By Michael Shapiro
September 24, 2019

Adam Sandler's newest film Uncut Gems appears to be a departure for the comedic star as he plays a jewelry store owner struggling to cover his debts. And Sandler is joined in the film by a pair of unexpected stars from the sports world. 

15-time NBA All-Star Kevin Garnett has a leading role in Uncut Gems, playing himself, according to the movie's IMDB page. WFAN radio host Mike Francesa is also slated to appear in the movie and is listed as a character named Anthony. 

Check out the full trailer for Uncut Gems below, paired with an instant classic GIF for gamblers everywhere. 

Uncut Gems is slated to be released on Dec. 13. Sandler could garner his first Oscar nomination with the film directed by brothers Benny and Josh Safdie. 

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