Traina Thoughts: Tom Brady Remembers 'Block' With Beautiful Tribute Video

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1. Tom Brady has already mastered Instagram and now he's moved on to TikTok. I don't even think I know what TikTok is, but Brady posted this video, set to the Whitesnake classic, Here I Go Again, last night that paid tribute to his famous/infamous blocking downfield, and it's perfect.

2. The guest on the latest SI Media Podcast is Triple H. The WWE executive discussed the company's big week with NXT airing on USA Network and SmackDown Live airing on FOX on tonight. He also talked about how the WWE was able to get The Rock to return for SmackDown, how he feels about CM Punk possibly working on the FS1 WWE studio show, how much input Vince McMahon has on NXT, how often Vince asks HHH to change things, whether we can ever see another version of the "Monday Night Wars," the Montreal Screwjob vs. Hulk Hogan turning heel and more.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple, Stitcher, Spotify and Google Play.

3. Troy Aikman continues his run of going savage on people. Last night, out of nowhere, the FOX analyst, who recently made headlines thanks to his appearance on the SI Media Podcast, talked about Cooper Kupp's dad in what he probably thought was a totally benign way, but was actually filled with shade.

4. The NFL should've made roughing-the-passer penalties reviewable this season and not pass interference. The ridiculous call last night on Rams linebacker Clay Matthews is more proof of that.

5. The lights went out during the Temple-East Carolina game last night, and that gave ESPN analyst Pat McAfee the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to Journey.

6. The WWE doesn't lose often, so it was suprising to see All Elite Wresting score such a decisive win the "Wednesday Night Wars," but AEW drew 1.4 million viewers to 891,000 for NXT.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: The day is finally here for SmackDown Live to make its debut on FOX. The Great One will return and we end our week of remembering The Rock's best SmackDown promos.

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