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Confessions of a RedZone Channel Hater: TRAINA THOUGHTS

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1. There are a small handful of things that you are just not allowed to criticize on the Internet. Ever.

Beyoncé. Chick-fil-A. Dogs. The Rock. The NFL RedZone channel.

I threw caution to the wind on Sunday and confessed to not loving the RedZone Channel on Twitter.

Quick backstory on this. After being a 20-year DirecTV/Sunday Ticket subscriber, I cancelled the service earlier this year after a technician didn’t patch 20-plus holes he put in my roof while moving a dish, which caused thousands of dollars in damage that DirecTV refused to reimburse me for.

For those 20 years, I never watched the RedZone channel. I was always a Game-Mix viewer. I always wanted to watch whatever game I wanted whenever I wanted. I never had a use for the RedZone channel.

Without Sunday Ticket this season, my plan was to rely on sports bars, illegal streams, my buddy Sal Licata (who has Sunday Ticket and gave me an open invite to his house every week) and RedZone to get me through every Sunday.

My thinking was that I just needed these options for the 1 p.m. games because the best game of the day is usually on national TV at 4:25 and there were only two or three other games in that time slot, so I could manage things fairly easy.

However, I quickly realized RedZone was not for me. To be completely control-less over what I watch does not sit well with my personality. I also don’t need ANY highlights from a meaningless Redskins-Dolphins game while other games are going on.

The truth is, there need to be three RedZone channels. One for fantasy players, one for gamblers and one for people who just care about football.

I am well aware that I’m out on an island on this. I fully understand the RedZone’s immense success and enormous popularity. It’s easily one of the best sports innovations of our lifetime.

But for me, going from Game Mix for 20 years to RedZone, can’t be done. I went from having the full meal to just nibbles here and there. 

While I knew saying this out loud on Twitter would make people think less of me, I didn’t expect to hear from a RedZone host. But I did.

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4. This is one hell of an effort from Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. 

We still give the edge to best Halloween costume so far from an athlete, though, to Packers tight end Jimmy Graham.

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