Pat McAfee Goes In on Urban Meyer: TRAINA THOUGHTS

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USA Today Images

1. A couple of weeks ago, FOX college football studio host Urban Meyer had this to stay about ESPN's College GameDay:

Meyer was taking a shot at Pat McAfee, who isn't a College GameDay host, but appeared on the Nov. 16 episode and belly flopped into a river. It was smart of Meyer to go after GameDay because underdogs should always go after the top dog in hopes of getting publicity. However, his point about the belly flop was so dumb since it was five seconds out of a three-hour show.

McAfee quickly fired back at Meyer on Twitter.

McAfee, however, isn't done. He once again went after Meyer on today's edition of Get Up. After saying that Meyer had taken a shot at him while "doing a very small interview" and before calling the former Ohio State coach a "bum." 

He then tried to analyze whether Meyer would be a successful NFL coach and said, "This is what Urban Meyer has done at a lot of places. He's gone in, won, scandal, left. I don't know if you can do that in the NFL."

It's too bad it looks like Meyer will head to the NFL and be a one-and-done with FOX because we always enjoy a good sports media feud. 

2. We've said many times that the Chargers playing in Carson City is a total embarrassment for the NFL since nobody there cares about the team. The latest insult came Sunday when Kirk Cousins talked about Minnesota's 39-10 win over the Chargers being a home game for the Vikings.

3. Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew gave us the Quote of the Day after Jacksonville beat the Raiders in the final seconds of the final game ever in Oakland before the team moves to Las Vegas next season.

4. All those stories about the NBA ratings struggling may soon change now that the NFL season is winding down and the networks will start showcasing LeBron James—which will happen this Thursday.

5. Athletes and social of the most glorious combinations of our lifetime.

6. A brand new SI MEDIA PODCAST dropped Wednesday afternoon and it features a conversation with the very entertaining Kyle Brandt from Good Morning Football.

This was not a traditional interview; just a free-flowing conversation about a slew of topics including, the growth of Kyle's popular "Angry Runs" segment, why he loves George Kittle and Kirk Cousins, why he thinks it's important to always be supportive of his cast mates, how his path crossed with the World Series flasher, older people in sports media trying to act young, would he rather be Chris Pratt, Justin Timberlake or Tom Brady, Baby Yoda, the glut of podcasts, old-school WWF heels and much, much more.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Eddie Murphy returns to Saturday Night Live this week for the first time since 1984. (His uneventful appearance at the 40th anniversary show in 2015 doesn't count.) So we'll be posting vintage Eddie videos in this space all week.

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