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Super Bowl LIV Rating Up Slightly From 2019 for FOX

Nearly 100 million people watched Super Bowl LIV, which saw the Chiefs defeat the Niners, 31-20, on FOX TV Sunday.

The game was watched by 99.9 million viewers, up one percent over the Rams-Patriots Super Bowl last year. The game also drew a 41.6 rating. When streaming numbers are added, the game was watched by an average of 102 million people.

Here's how viewership numbers for Chiefs-Niners stack up against recent Super Bowls.

2019, Rams-Patriots, CBS: 41.1 rating, 67, share, 98,190,000 viewers

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2018, Eagles-Patriots, NBC: 43.1 rating, 68 share, 103,471,000 viewers

2017 Falcons-Patriots, FOX: 45.3 rating, 70 share, 111,319,000 viewers

2016, Broncos-Panthers, CBS: 46.6. rating, 72 share, 111,864,000 viewers

2015, Patriots-Seahawks, NBC: 47.5 rating, 71 share, 114,442,000 viewers