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Joe Buck Is Here to Do Play-by-Play of Your Self-Quarantine: TRAINA THOUGHTS

1. If you are a regular Traina Thoughts reader, you know that we have long said Joe Buck is one of the best guys in sports media. He's also a great play-by-play man despite what dopes on Twitter think.

More proof came Sunday via Twitter when Buck announced that he'd do play-by-play for whatever you are doing in your home while self-quarantining.

If Buck's first offering—play-by-play of a mom battling her frisky kid—is a taste of what's to come, his Twitter feed will be a must-follow during this time.

As a side note, if you're looking for ways to use up time during this period, check out this fun podcast I did with Buck in January 2019.

2. If you missed it over the weekend, I made a plea to networks to give us some very specific programming.

This list doesn't feature classic games. It's more of a mix of wild events, scripted shows, and old-school sports programs we loved. 

Check out my list and then let me know what you would want to see.

3. Here was Rob Gronkowski's debut as an official member of the WWE. For those of you who aren't wrestling fans, yes, the WWE is still doing live shows with no audience.

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4. Steph Curry will not let a mask stop him from enjoying his vino.

5. This week's SI Media Podcast features an interview with John Ourand of Sports Business Journal. During the show, we discussed how networks will proceed over the next few months without sports, what we could expect to see from ESPN, how leagues will handle the return of sports in terms of scheduling, the NFL draft, WrestleMania, and the impact that Tom Brady leaving the Patriots will have on CBS and FOX.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

6. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: We have to pace ourselves with content at this time, so I'm going to take a break this week from posting Curb Your Enthusiasm clips and transition to The Sopranos. Here is Paulie Walnuts's best non-Pine Barrens moment.

7. SPORTS HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Since we started with Joe Buck, here's the "Minnesota Miracle," which featured the best call of his career, in my opinion.

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