Mike Francesa Should Learn from Drake: Unchecked

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Mike Francesa should learn from Drake. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. 

On the same day Francesa apparently banned posting portions of his show to social media, Drizzy is trying to manufacture a social media craze with "Toosie Slide".

I don’t know exactly what a "Toosie Slide" is but I’m sure it will be big.

Now I don’t think sports radio hosts should be catering to TikTok necessarily (that platform makes me feel truly old) but I would say as someone in the attention business, one shouldn’t eschew the sharing of clips. Trust me, blowing up on the internet is the only thing viral I want right now.

The NBA is probably the best sports example to use. Even when there are no games one can't go a day without seeing famous plays. Adam Silver has compared the sharing of highlights as snacks with the actual broadcast being the meal.

And NBA highlights get love like a Drake, Nick Nurse shoulder rub. Though I know that is something typical sports talk types were certainly not a fan of. Remember simpler times like when Drake's antics on the sideline during the Raptors championship run was an issue? Talk about 0-100 real quick.

The idea with social media promotion is to build a following, not lose followers. And Drake is sure to have people following his moves.

Though I guess there is one thing Drake, Francesa, me and many others do have in common; we’re all working from the crib. Back Afta This.