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1. The longtime Michael Jordan–Isiah Thomas feud was on full display during Episodes 3 and 4 of The Last Dance, which aired Sunday night.

Most of you have seen it by now, but a quick summary for anyone who hasn't: Jordan never forgave Thomas for not shaking hands after the Bulls beat the Pistons in a playoff series. Thomas tried to explain that when Detroit beat Boston in a playoff series, Larry Bird & Co. didn't shake hands with the Pistons, so Thomas figured it was fine for his team not to congratulate the Bulls.

When Jordan was shown a video of Thomas giving that explanation, he wanted no part of it and called Thomas an a--hole.

This morning, Thomas was a guest on ESPN's Get Up and seemed completely rattled by Jordan torching him on The Last Dance.

First, Thomas gave this bizarre lecture about how Bulls players and Michael Jordan don't deserve credit for bulking up to handle the physical nature of the Pistons' defense.

Then Thomas issued an apology for the non-handshake, but it wasn't to the Bulls. It was to a random group of people.

Meanwhile, Thomas's former teammate John Salley says the non-handshake wasn't the start of the Thomas-Jordan feud. The former Bad Boy says it started because Thomas once caught his nephew wearing a Michael Jordan jersey.

You can't blame Thomas for being crushed about that one, but he has to hide the bitterness a little better.

2. One of the highlights of Sunday's episodes of The Last Dance was footage of Michael Jordan tormenting teammate Scott Burrell for being a ladies' man and partier. Burrell's wife, SNY reporter Jeane Coakley, responded to the scene on Twitter.

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4. But why did they apply for the loan in the first place? Absolutely disgraceful.

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