Jerry Seinfeld Just Dropped Three Eye-Opening Revelations Regarding Sports: TRAINA THOUGHTS

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1. Jerry Seinfeld appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show Tuesday night and sports was a big topic during the interview. 

In fact, the legendary comedian shared not one, not two, but three very interesting nuggets.

First, Jerry revealed that he is one of the few sports fans on earth who has not watched The Last Dance, even though he appeared in one of the episodes last week. Kimmel showed him the scene and Seinfeld said he had a conversation with Phil Jackson at the time—when Jackson was in his final season as Bulls coach and Jerry was in his final season of Seinfeld—about which one of them would have the bigger and better exit from their respective jobs.

Second, Jerry said that the most intimidated he's ever been with an athlete was meeting Keith Hernandez when the Mets star appeared on Seinfeld. Jerry said he wanted to impress Hernandez so much he changed his shirt three times on the day he met the first baseman.

Lastly, despite creating what many believe is the greatest sitcom of all time, Jerry said his biggest accomplishment in life was tossing a strike while throwing out the first pitch at a Mets game.

Jerry was on Kimmel's show to promote his new Netflix standup special, 23 Hours to Kill, which I watched Tuesday night. It was outstanding.

2. A brand new SI Media Podcast dropped this morning and my guest is Ian Eagle of CBS Sports and Turner Sports. The veteran play-by-play man talked extensively about having a new partner—Charles Davis, who comes to CBS from FOX—for NFL telecasts this season. Eagle also revealed that Bill Raftery does indeed Zoom and talked about what it's like to Zoom with Raf. Other topics covered during the podcast include The Last Dance, Michael Jordan's personality, the differences between Jordan, Kobe and LeBron, how many analysts Eagle has worked with over the years, Mike and the Mad Dog stories, Eagle's hatred of condiments, Eagle never eating a salad in his life, and much more. 

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

3. Quarantine life seems to be taking a toll on Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton.

4. Forbes evaluated television ratings, game attendance, merchandise sales and social media reach for 123 North American professional sports teams to determine the 10 most passionate fan bases. The top six are NFL teams: 1) Packers; 2) Patriots; 3) Saints; 4) Steelers; 5) Eagles; 6) Seahawks. 

Two NBA teams claim the seventh (Warriors) and eighth (Thunder) slots. The first NHL team to make the list are the Penguins at No. 9 and the first MLB team to crack the top 10 are the Red Sox at No. 10.

6. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Twitter was abuzz Tuesday because it was the 75th birthday of iconic MTV host Kurt Loder, which is just surreal to believe if you grew up in the '80s. As I said on Twitter on Tuesday night, Loder's reaction to a bizarre and embarrassing Courtney Love crashing his interview with Madonna is an all-time MTV moment.

7. SPORTS HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Since we started this column off with Jerry Seinfeld and Ian Eagle, here's Eagle dropping a memorable Seinfeld line on a Nets game-winning buzzer-beater while Jerry was in the building.

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