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Weekend Hot Clicks: Not All NCAA Commissioners Seem to Be in 'Clear Agreement'

Unclear Agreement

College football (and other college sports) can’t be played if college campuses aren’t open, Mark Emmert said on Friday. “[A]ll of the commissioners and every president that I’ve talked to is in clear agreement: If you don’t have students on campus, you don’t have student-athletes on campus.”

On Thursday, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said online classes would satisfy “the school in session requirement.” On Friday, Bowlsby repeated himself, saying in-person classes are not required for on-campus athletic events.

Let’s break this down: Emmert says all conference commissioners are in “clear agreement.” Bob Bowlsby is a conference commissioner. Bob Bowlsby is clearly not in “clear agreement.”

“I suspect there may be some institutions that are 100% online, and if they are and if that’s also what the student-athletes are doing, I think that meets the criteria,” Bowlsby told MetroNews Statewide Sportsline on Thursday.

“The thing that can’t happen is a university can’t decide to not have a fall semester, but they still bring student-athletes back. At that point they aren’t student-athletes. We need to be pursuing our education. If the new normal is online or some combination of online or in-person, I think that’s a satisfactory environment.”

Sorry, Mark, it doesn’t appear all commissioners are in “clear agreement.”

We Have Time...

…to make a decision about restarting the season, the NBA says. The league doesn’t have to make a decision about restarting the season this month, nor does the decision need to come in early June, Adam Silver told players on a phone call on Friday, the same day some teams re-opened their facilities for limited, voluntary workouts.

The season, suspended since March 11, could resume in one or two locations (with no fans, which could carry into next season) as a safety measure to limit travel, though Silver noted there would still be risk to players and others with that format.

“Sources: On the ever-elusive question—What if a player tests positive upon return—Adam Silver told players the NBA would hope for daily testing at that point and no stoppage of play, having the player(s) isolated in quarantine,” The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported.

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