Here's a 70-Step Basketball Shot That Was Two Months in the Making: TRAINA THOUGHTS


1. Before we begin with today's lead item, I need to ask you a favor. When you are done watching the video below, please don't email or tweet me to say it's fake or edited. I don't know whether it is or it isn't, but suspend disbelief if you have to and just go with it. Thank you.

The reason for that request is because what you are about to see is a nearly three-minute, 70-step basketball shot. The YouTuber said it took him a month to build the machine and a month to make it work. 

In normal circumstances, I'd say you have to have A LOT of time on your hands to do something like this, but we've had nothing but time for the past three months, so kudos to this guy for pulling it off. 

If I'm being totally honest, my only thought while watching the video was, "How much s--- does this guy have in his house?" The amount of equipment/props used was just astonishing.

However, the main reason I'm posting this video is because I came across it via this tweet, which cracked me up, and we can all use a laugh right now.

2. A brand new SI Media Podcast is out, and my guest this week is Erin Andrews. Andrews talked about what it could be like doing sideline reports in empty NFL stadiums, the excitement surrounding the Bucs-Saints Week 1 matchup, Phyllis George's place in sports broadcasting history and dealing with critics. Andrews also told a couple of outstanding stories about Larry David attending her wedding, discussed quarantine life and shared some kitchen disaster stories.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

3. Earlier this week, I wrote about a Mike Tyson fight being the perfect quarantine event for sports fans. I might have to rethink that after seeing Iron Mike struggle to rip off his T-shirt during an appearance on AEW Dynamite on Wednesday night.

For a full breakdown of Tyson's appearance and his feud with Chris Jericho, check out today's Hot Clicks.

4. If you have $300,000 laying around and want to buy Tom Brady's Escalade, you're in luck.

5. I actually think this is a huge improvement for Vegas sportsbooks. Even before the coronavirus, I hated having all those people so close to me.

6. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Rainn Wilson interviewed The Office costar John Krasinski earlier this week and they did a lot of reminiscing about the show during the delightful conversation.

7. SPORTS HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Things don't look good for the return of Major League Baseball, but it can change. If/when the sport comes back, we'll have to do without walk-off celebrations, so let's remember a great one from 2009 when Prince Fielder won a game for the Brewers.

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