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Tony Romo Roasts Stephen Colbert During Hilarious 'Late Show' Appearance: TRAINA THOUGHTS

1. Tony Romo is already the best analyst in the NFL, but now he's adding "great talk-show guest" to his résumé.

The former Cowboys quarterback appeared on Thursday's Late Show With Stephen Colbert and brought the heat.

Colbert opened the interview by asking Romo why he didn't get into broadcasting sooner since he's so good at it. The exchange quickly turned into a roast session. 

Colbert: You do a great job at it, and there aren't 300-pound men rushing at you trying to pulverize your femur. Did it ever occur to you that you should've switched over sooner?

Romo: The fact that you said "femur," you lost me. You gotta understand, I went to Eastern Illinois, so I don't know these big words you're talking about.

Colbert: Really? You've never seen Theismann's femur plow the field?

Romo: Wow, that was pretty good. You know about football a little.

Colbert: A little bit. I know you're not Roger Staubach, buddy.

Romo: No question. You're not Johnny Carson.

The zinger impressed Colbert who jumped up and cheered.

Romo referenced Carson again later in the interview when Colbert asked him whether sports can remain an escape for people during these divisive times.

"You're talking to a sports guy. When I grew up, I never watched the news one time. I watched only Johnny Carson, and when he was gone, everyone was terrible."

Granted, you have to be old like me to appreciate the Johnny Carson references, but these were very solid shots by Romo, and the entire interview is worth a watch, as Romo also talks about football in addition to doing some comedy.

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