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1. Aaron Rodgers despises clickbait and media people who try to get traffic, so I don't think he's going to like this edition of Traina Thoughts. However, despite his disdain for what we do, I'm still a big fan.

The Packers quarterback explained his dislike for debate shows a few weeks ago on Kyle Brandt's podcast, so this is not news. 

Rodgers once again took the media to task on Tuesday's Pat McAfee Show.

"All the f---ing media does is write stories to get clicks," Rodgers said. "It doesn't matter. I could give a long answer about something and they can take a blip of it and write a story about it that has nothing to do with what I was saying. Nobody is gonna take the time, unless you're watching this live, to listen to this entire interview. They're gonna take pieces of it. If I'm not doing this in person, you can't see facial expressions. Or if you're not listening to it and you're just reading a transcript, you can't hear voice inflection and tone and inference. So that's just the way it is."

Rodgers added that he finds this practice "comical" before opining about "confirmation bias" and "blue check marks."

I wouldn't want to anger Rodgers by speculating about his mindset and motives, but one might be able to conclude that the star QB uses the media as motivation.

McAfee served up a volley to Rodgers by asking him about media members who proclaimed the future Hall of Famer "washed up" last season.

That's when Rodgers delivered the dagger.

"I sometimes laugh when people talk about down years for me because a lot of times down years for me are career years for most quarterbacks. ... It's just the facts, bro."

I never really thought of Rodgers as a player who has constantly been besmirched by the media. I mean, it's not like he's Mitch Trubisky or Carson Wentz, for example.

But whatever Rodgers is doing clearly works for him because he's playing better than anyone in the NFL right now.

And we thank him for the click bait, great quotes and content.

2. Let's all bow down to Ronald Acuña Jr. for knowing how to handle nonsense.

After hitting a home run against the Marlins on Tuesday, the Braves slugger was later plunked because he had the nerve to admire his moonshot. 

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Following Atlanta's 9–5 Game 1 win, Acuña made sure to send a message to the Marlins on Twitter AND Instagram. One social media service simply was not enough for something this important.

Well done, Ronald. Well done.

3. Tyler Herro was responsible for millions of dollars swinging from one side to the other last night when he hit this shot. The Lakers were 7.5-point favorites against the Heat and up 102-93 when Herro drained a 3-pointer in the closing seconds of the game.

4. Keith Olbermann is once again done with ESPN. The commentator announced his departure from the network yesterday while also announcing his new political venture in this funny video.

5. has your prop bets for tonight's Vice Presidential Debate.

Total times Kamala Harris says "lie/lied/liar"
Over/Under: 2        

Which candidate will say "coronavirus" more times?
Kamala Harris: -140
Mike Pence: Even

Which candidate will say "mask(s)" more times?
Kamala Harris: -250
Mike Pence: +170

Will either candidate be seen in mask at table?
Yes: +600
No: -1500

Will either candidate stand up during debate?
Yes: +700
No: -2000  

Will Kamala Harris or Mike Pence test positive for coronavirus?
Yes: +700
No: -2000

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7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: This was excellent work by James Corden.

8. ANOTHER RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: It was surprising to see so many people yesterday reveal they didn't know Eddie Van Halen played guitar on Michael Jackson's Beat It. Here's a live version of the duo performing the classic tune.

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