You Have to Hear the Cardinals' Radio Call of the DeAndre Hopkins Hail Mary Touchdown: TRAINA THOUGHTS

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1. When something wild happens in sports, like a game-winning Hail Mary, the local radio calls are always a must-listen.

To no surprise at all, CBS's Ian Eagle had an A+ call of the stunning Kyle Murray–to–DeAndre Hopkins connection that gave Arizona a 32–30 victory against Buffalo.

But the real fun was on the Cardinals' local radio feed.

Dave Pasch, who calls NBA and NFL games for ESPN, had the excellent play-by-play call, but it was analyst Ron Wolfley who took things over the top.

Going full throat and sounding like Dick Vitale at times, Wolfley yelled the following:

"You can't cover NUKE. You're not gonna be able to cover him. Throw the ball up. That's what Kyler Murrary did. He extended the play with his legs and just chucked that thing up into the air into the desert sky, baby, and D-Hop brought it down. TOUCHDOOOOOWN!"

The flip side was just as amusing, with the Bills' radio announcers showing absolutely no emotion on their call of the miracle play.

2. If you come across someone today who bet on the Browns on Sunday, be extra nice to them.

3. Cam Newton wore a tremendous hat to his postgame press conference after the Patriots beat the Ravens Sunday night and then dropped a tremendous quote about Bill Belichick.

4. Just a reminder: College football coaches are running one of the great scams in American business. South Carolina fired Will Muschamp yesterday after five seasons. 

2016: 6–7
2017: 9–4
2018: 7–6
2019: 4–8
2020: 2–5

That's 28–30. And what is Muschamp's reward for being a bad football coach and being sent away from his job? $15 million. What a racket.

5. The latest SI Media Podcast features an interview with Jim Nantz. The veteran CBS broadcaster talks about covering the Masters for the 33rd straight year, what it's been like to call NFL games with no fans in the stands, whether the NFL should pull the plug on having the Lions play on Thanksgiving, Alex Trebek, election coverage and much more.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple and Spotify.

6. Read this thread from a South Dakota ER nurse and wear a mask.

7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lisa Bonet turns 53 years old today. If you grew up in the '80s, you know she played a key role in one of the best sitcom episodes of that decade.

8. SPORTS VIDEO OF THE DAY: This was the best touchdown of the entire weekend.

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