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Joe Buck Comments on Hilariously 'Jinxing' Justin Tucker: TRAINA THOUGHTS

1. With 8:57 remaining in the second quarter and the Cowboys up 10–7 on the Ravens on Tuesday night, this happened:

Joe Buck: "Justin Tucker since 2016 has made 70 straight inside 40 yards."

Troy Aikman: "It's nice when you've got a kicker like that that you can depend on and now we'll see if he keeps that streak alive."

Joe Buck: "I’m just gonna say he is. There's no announcer’s jinx, come on."

Then the snap, hold and kick happened ...

Joe Buck: "Aaaaaaaaand he yanked it. No good. Who gets blamed for that?"

According to Twitter, YOU get blamed for that, Joe Buck.

In what was a great sports television moment, Fox's Joe Buck addressed the announcer's jinx, acknowledged the announcers's jinx and then caused the announcer's jinx.

If you listen to Aikman's voice, he knew the jinx was in play. And when that ball started to hook, Buck couldn't help but hide his amazement while making the call.

And then Twitter did its thing.

Justin Tucker fantasy football owners also let Buck know his jinx cost them in their games this week.

Naturally, with a story this significant, I reached out to Buck to get an official comment on jinxing Justin Tucker:

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"There are few things I relish more than affecting the outcome of kicks, no-hitters, wins and losses from the broadcast booth. It's fun. It's power that cannot fall into the wrong hands. Think about it—had I not said what I said, Justin would have made the kick. There is zero doubt. I have sent a letter of apology to Tucker, the Ravens, their fans and Kim Jung Un (just to be safe). I'm most fun at parties. All I have to do is say it and it the opposite happens. Please, Jimmy, don't let this secret get out. I beg you. People's lives and careers are at stake and I'm tired of being asked to parties."

Buck added, "Who's to blame for [Dallas kicker Greg] Zuerlein's night? Also, the Ravens won, they covered, and the over won. So who really cares?"

Now you can't argue with any of those points because those are the only things that matter.

2. A lot of people are still watching the NFL.

3. Bills quarterback Josh Allen just became one of my favorite players in the NFL.

4. Everyone has made this joke, but when the owner of the team joins in ... YEESH!

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