Draymond Green’s Viral Rant Was a Mixed Bag: TRAINA THOUGHTS

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1. If you were perusing Twitter late Monday or early Tuesday, you probably saw tweets from people praising Draymond Green for comments he made during his postgame press conference after the Warriors beat the Cavaliers on Monday night.

In the presser, a passionate Green spoke up for players who get blasted for demanding a trade while organizations get a pass for announcing that players are on the trading block. (This was a topic of discussion this week because both Andre Drummond in Cleveland and Blake Griffin in Detroit were put on the block.)

After watching the full three-minute clip, I was struck by how there was nothing but universal praise for Green despite the fact that his soliloquy was filled with just as many bad points as good points.

Green made an excellent observation about the hypocrisy with trades. If a player goes public with a trade demand, he gets fined and taken to task by the media and fans, but if a team goes public about wanting to deal a player, it’s perfectly accepted. Clearly there is a double standard there and Green is totally right about it being unfair.

However, Green pulled a vintage Elaine Benes move and just tried to yadda-yadda-yadda the fact that James Harden completely dogged it during his final days in Houston.

You can’t do that. What Harden did was disgraceful. I have no problem with any player asking for a trade, but you can’t screw over your teammates in the process. Green would’ve been better off not mentioning Harden.

Then there was this gem.

Maybe this is just my New York bias talking, but I can assure you that no player in this area has been ripped, mocked and hated more over the past 20 years than Knicks owner, James Dolan–and rightfully so. To say that only players get called out and organizations never called out is just wrong.

Green’s best point, however, came when he was speaking about Kyrie Irving.

“When Kyrie Irving said, ‘My mental health is off,’ everybody goes crazy about that, too,” said Green. “Do you not think that affects someone mentally? As much as we put into this game to be great, to come out here and be in shape, to produce for fans every single night, and most importantly, to help your team win, do you think that doesn’t affect someone mentally? But as players we’re told you can’t say that, you can’t say this, but teams can?”

Green is 100% dead on here. In my opinion, every single person, no matter their occupation, should be given mental health days. There are days when you are overwhelmed and need to take care of yourself. Professional athletes are no different from anyone else.

Green is a lock to be a TV star after his playing days thanks to his personality, thoughtfulness and ability to speak his mind. But you can’t defend the players 100% of the time. Harden was out of line, and owners and GMs are often taken to task for running organizations poorly.

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5. I hope you are all betting the Utah Jazz these days.

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