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Todd McShay Getting Ratioed After Tweet About Ohio State, Cincinnati

With two losses on the season, it's fair to believe that Ohio State's chances at reaching the College Football Playoff are all but gone. Cincinnati, meanwhile, finished its regular season campaign with a 12-0 record and looks to be sitting pretty in the eyes of the committee.

ESPN analyst Todd McShay doesn't think it should be quite that simple. After Ohio State's loss to Michigan on Saturday, McShay tweeted that, if it came to it, Ohio State should get the No. 4 seed over Cincinnati in the College Football Playoff. He simply believes the Buckeyes are the better team.

Whether he's right or wrong, his tweet is getting 'ratioed'—meaning there are a lot more comments than likes or retweets on it. That's a clear indicator that people disagree with the tweet.

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As a reminder, no two-loss team has ever reached the College Football Playoff. That said, no Group of Five team has either.

At this point, it's fair to assume that Georgia and Michigan are locks if they can win their respective conference title games next week. Alabama, too, would be a lock if it beats Auburn and then Georgia. In that scenario, the Bulldogs might still get in if it was a close game.

The fourth spot is going to be controversial, regardless of who the top three wind up being. The Big 12 has Oklahoma and Oklahoma State both with 10-1 records playing each other on Saturday night. The Big 12 title game is also a week away. Notre Dame is another team that factors into the mix despite not having a conference title game to play in.

Rivalry Saturday always brings chaos. Michigan got it started early this year.