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Watch: Oilers Star, Reporter Have Heated Exchange During Press Conference

Oilers star Leon Draisaitl and a reporter got into an awkward exchange during Tuesday's press conference as Edmonton rides a six-game losing streak. 

The Edmonton Journal’s Jim Matheson asked Draisaitl what the “No. 1 reason” was for the team's struggles. Draisaitl shook his head before Matheson finished his question, and he then gave a quick response.

“Yeah, we have to get better at everything,” Draisaitl said. 

Matheson was not satisfied with the answer and quickly asked if Draisaitl cared to expand on his thoughts. 

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“No, you can do that. You know everything.” Draisaitl said. Matheson didn't care for the quip and decided to fire back, asking “why are you so pissy?”

You can watch the full exchange below:

The Oilers fell to 18–15–2 on the season with a loss to Ottawa on Saturday. Draisaitl is in his eighth NHL season, and he is leading the league in power-play goals for the second straight year. 

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