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Here’s How the Bengals Are Preparing for Arrowhead Stadium

No home field advantage? No problem. At least, that seems to be the Bengals’ mentality as they practice to face the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium for Sunday’s AFC Championship. 

The sounds of a normal game day echoed throughout Cincinnati, Ohio, the cheers so loud that a Bengals security guard apologized for the artificial noise. “They’re practicing” was the explanation. 

Earlier this week, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow compared the noise in Arrowhead Stadium to college road games in the SEC. 

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“In the SEC, every single week it seems like every stadium is really loud, there’s hundreds of thousands of people,” the former LSU star said Wednesday. “This one is going to be similar. We expect it to be really loud, we’re talking about it throughout the week. We’re going to have to be great with our communication, our non-verbal communication, just like every week on the road.”

Although Arrowhead Stadium has a capacity of more than 76,000 seats (which is smaller than a majority of SEC football stadiums), Guinness World Records listed it as the loudest outdoor sports stadium at 142.2 decibels in 2014. 

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