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In wake of the news of USC and UCLA reportedly preparing to leave the Pac-12 for the Big Ten, there is one party getting blasted on Twitter—The Alliance. 

For those who may not remember, this was formed last summer after the SEC added Oklahoma and Texas. However, it was a “gentleman’s agreement,” as Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger described, among the other three conferences—Big Ten, ACC and Pac-12. The essence was for them to help stabilize college football.

So....what now? A Big Ten source said to Dellenger, “Well, it probably ceases to exist now.”

An interesting aspect of this reported move is that the conference did not approach the teams but rather the other way around. USC was the impetus behind the shift in conferences, according to Ryan Kartje of the Los Angeles Times. Sources told Dellenger that the two programs’ message to the Big Ten boiled down to them planning on leaving the Pac-12 and asking the conference if they wanted them. It was similar to the Texas-Oklahoma move. 

A Big Ten source said to Dellenger, “You have to be a moron to not think about it. They would have gone somewhere else if we said ’no.’”

What did Twitter have to think of The Alliance’s future? 

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