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Dirk Nowitzki Jokingly Joins ‘Overrated’ Chants Directed at Luka Doncic

As Luka Dončić was playing for Slovenia in a World Cup qualifier vs. Sweden, the crowd started an “overrated” chant at him during the game. The jeering crowd included a familiar face, someone who Dončić probably views as a friend or even mentor.

That would be Dirk Nowitzki.

Very clearly, Nowitzki was having some fun with his friend, which became even more clear before the game began.

As Nowitzki was walking to his seat, Dončić found him in the hallway and gave him a hug and embraced the Nowitzki family.

The two players represent the past, present and future of Mavericks basketball. Dallas drafted Dončić in 2018, and Nowitzki retired from the NBA in 2019 after 21 years with the Mavericks. They got to play together for one year and clearly formed a strong relationship as cornerstones of the Dallas organization.

Dončić is hoping he can bring an NBA title back to Dallas like Nowitzki did in 2011, and it’s nice to see the two have such a strong relationship.

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