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Aaron Rodgers Shows Off His Massive First Tattoo in Instagram Post

Aaron Rodgers is entering his 18th year in the NFL, and at 38-years-old, it appears it’s never too late to make a permanent change on your looks. Rest assured, Rodgers didn’t cut his hair. 

Instead, Rodgers took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off his first tattoo. The massive piece of art has a lot going on. 

The tattoo appears to be on his left forearm and features one calm lion across an angry lion and above both of them is an eye. At the bottom of the artwork is the ocean. 

It also features several astrological symbols, including Sagittarius at the top of the circle, the Aquarius symbol to the right, and the Scorpio symbol to the left. The inclusion of the Sagittarius sign could be an homage to his sun sign, as he was born on Dec. 2.

Rodgers will have to explain the details and meaning of the tattoo for himself, but overall it looks like a solid choice for a first. 

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