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Photographer Reacts to ‘MNF’ Collision With Cowboys’ CeeDee Lamb

CeeDee Lamb’s performance on Monday night included eight catches for 87 yards and a touchdown in the Cowboys' win over the Giants.

Importantly, the Dallas wide receiver also made sure a photographer was OK after running into her following his one-handed touchdown grab.

The freelance photographer, Kathryn Riley, appreciated Lamb’s concern and joked about the incident on social media after the game.

“[Lamb] just asked if I was OK and offered to help me up, and I told him that I was fine,” Riley said, via ESPN’s Jeremy Willis. “Truthfully I was embarrassed. Luckily I'm OK and the gear is OK.”

Riley said she’s accustomed to dealing with action while photographing a game, as she told ESPN that she’s been hit with balls during both baseball and lacrosse games. However, this was the first time she had to try and dodge something or someone on the sideline of a football game.

In the end, Riley walked away unharmed, making for a funny moment to look back upon.

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